Windows 365 Generally Available, Starting at $20

Nowadays we use so many physical client PCs and so many programs that keeping the same set of software on all devices is complicated. This is where Microsoft’s Cloud PC paradigm comes into play: the software giant is essentially lending a PC that is located somewhere in its datacenters and is available for any Internet-connected client everywhere in the world. 

For now, Microsoft positions its Windows 365 for business (for organizations with up to 300 employees) and enterprise customers (for organizations with more than 300 employees), two types of the company’s customers that perhaps need cloud PCs the most. As Microsoft describes it, its Windows 365 — Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system located in the cloud — securely streams the OS with all apps, data, and settings to any personal or corporate device connected to the Internet. 

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft’s Windows 365 is currently compatible with Windows, Mac, iPadOS/iOS, and Android. Linux compatibility is coming, yet there is no firm date.