Watch: Social media helps reunite man, 92, with college letter jacket

Dec. 8 (UPI) — A 92-year-old North Carolina man who accidentally drove off with his college letter jacket on the roof of his car was reunited with the garment with help from social media.

Mal Osborn, 92, of Winston-Salem, said he still wears his University of Maine letter jacket often because it reminds him of his successes as a runner at the school from 1949 to 1952.

“It was a part of me because I’ve had it so long,” Osborn told the Bangor Daily News of his jacket. “It was a miracle that it stayed in the condition that it’s in. It wasn’t something that hung in the closet. I wore it.”

Osborn and his daughter, Beverly Amick, said the jacket went missing in October.

“Our theory is that he put it on top of the car and got in the car and drove up the street to go to the local restaurant and it fell off his car into someone’s yard,” Amick said.

Amick said family members retraced Osborn’s route and asked neighbors if they had seen the jacket, but there was no sign of the missing item.

Amick decided to post about her father’s missing jacket on Facebook, and less than 24 hours later she had heard from a woman who had discovered the jacket covered in leaves on her front lawn. The woman told Amick she had decided not to throw the jacket away in case the owner came looking for it.

The jacket was dry-cleaned and returned to Osborn.

“I’m awful glad I got it,” he said. “I hope you give credit to all the kind people, especially my daughter, who set this whole thing in motion. I know there’s good people in the world, but this made me more aware of it.”

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