Suspected cyberattack targets Israeli shipping software service

A suspected cyberattack has targeted the Amital software company, which provides software solutions for customs clearance, Israeli media reported over the weekend.Amital informed its customers that it is investigating “a cyber incident that is part of parallel events at the national level,” according to Globes. The company later reported that it was being targeted by an advanced persistent threat, which means that the attacker was attempting to establish a long-term presence on the company’s network.The attack reportedly targeted one of the servers belonging to Amital, raising concerns that package deliveries could be affected because the affected server could be temporarily disabled.Among the companies that use Amital are FedEx Trade Networks, Mentfield and Orian, according to Globes.Amital originally said no direct damage was caused, and no data was leaked. But its assessment of the situation seems to have changed since then.The company updated its report last week, saying the National Cyber Directorate is concerned that the attackers are from a foreign country and are aiming to disrupt the entire industry. Amital said it is working to strengthen its cyberdefense systems.The first attack was identified about two weeks ago, Ynet reported on Friday, adding that Amital has managed to stop the attackers from hacking into their systems, although the attack attempts against the company are continuing. The identity of the attackers is still unknown.

The incident is not expected to affect packages delivered through Israel Postal Company, according to Globes.The attack comes after thousands of documents containing personal information were leaked in a recent ransom attack on the Shirbit insurance company. Black Shadow, the hacker group behind the attack, threatened to sell the data to foreign intelligence services and private bodies.Shirbit reportedly has many government employees among its clients.The attack also comes as shipments of coronavirus vaccines have begun entering Israel.“The cyberattack on dozens of shipping companies is no surprise,” cybersecurity consultant Einat Meyron said, adding that “a cyberattack is not a question of if but when.” Yet, “the fact that the economy facilitates the success of such attacks is the real problem that the state is not educated to deal with.”“Business information in the hands of a hostile party is a huge strategic and economic issue – no less than weapons – and it is something that can certainly, with attention and corporate responsibility, be reduced to the point of neutralizing the impact,” Meyron said.

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