Realme 5 Pro Is A Trendy Smartphone For Young People

Realme officially launched its latest 5 series, namely realm 5 – Quad Camera Power Hero and Realme 5 Pro Quad Camera Speed ​​Master in September 2019. The presence of these two phenomenal smartphones further strengthens Realme’s ambition to become a smartphone brand with super-sophisticated and trendy technology for young people in various countries.

Realm’s ambition is not without basis or reason, this famous smartphone brand from China has proven it is quality by successfully entering the top 5 smartphone brands in several countries in Asia, one of which is in India. Based on data from research company Canalys, Realme has a 7 percent market share in the second quarter of 2019. This is an extraordinary achievement for a brand that has only been marketing for a while.

Sharing the joy of launching its first quad-camera segment, Josef Wang, Marketing Director of Realme SEA, said that he is proud to be able to revolutionize the user experience by introducing the Realme 5 series or Realme 5 Pro. He is also more confident in continuing to provide the best experiences for young people in the world

As a new smartphone brand in operation, the Realme series is always trying

‘Dare to Leap’ to be a hit in the world smartphone market. We have equipped the Realme 5 Series with the best-in-class processors, designs, and cameras to deliver an unmatched user experience. Realme’s quad-camera phone can be a fully functional camera to take photos with many scenarios without the hassle of carrying a pro camera,

Realme 5 Series is Realme’s new weapon to hook young people in several countries who are fond of mobile photography while supporting them to look trendy with their smartphones.

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