Jim Cramer Picks the Key E-Commerce Stocks

Now, e-commerce had always been one of the great secular growing themes of the century. The pandemic made it a lot more than that. It made it imperative. And anyone who ignored e-commerce did so at his own peril.

And that’s why we’ve stuck by Amazon.  (AMZN) – Get Report The other day, some wag entered Jimmy Chill’s Twitter universe and started talking about how Amazon’s a dog. I wanted to strangle the guy. Yeah, OK, maybe even the traditional retailers are having a day in the sun. You want to buy some Nordstrom?  (JWN) – Get Report Be my guest. But how long will that last? 

To me, Amazon is not just e-commerce anymore. There’s advertising. There’s web services. There is a subscription service, Prime. Ultimately, though, if the surge really takes off like Tony Fauci says it will, we won’t need a government lockdown. We’re going to lock down ourselves. And who wins in a lockdown? Not my wife because she has to stack all the Amazon boxes, not me.

Now, it’s amazing, it’s amazing to me that I hear so many people say that such and such a stock acts badly, so they want to sell it when they really should be thinking about buying. I mean, that’s what happened yesterday. I was getting a bunch of heat on the site on Twitter about Walmart.  (WMT) – Get Report What did we do? We’ve done the homework on Walmart. We know it’s right, which is why we picked some up. 

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