Internet Exploded With Lamar Jackson Poop Jokes During Ravens-Browns

Lamar Jackson did two dances during “Thursday Night Football” as his Baltimore Ravens faced the Cleveland Browns.

A touchdown dance after rushing into the endzone twice, and the potty dance after running into the tunnel during the game.

The quarterback came out of the game in the third quarter due to “cramps,” the team said. But the ESPN camera following him into the locker room gave the internet reason to speculate on the types of cramps he could be experiencing.

Of course, Twitter dropped a load of poop jokes and asked ESPN to give the man some privacy.

Whatever Jackson needed to go to the locker room for, it wasn’t great timing. But made it back for the fourth with about two minutes left in a one-point game to throw a 44-yard touchdown pass a few plays later.

This certainly will go down in the “remember that night on the internet?” history books.

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