Intel Arc Announced: ‘Alchemist’ Discrete Gaming GPUs Land In Q1 2022

Intel announced this morning that it would bundle its new high-performance graphics hardware, software, and services under a new ‘Arc’ brand, with the first discrete gaming graphics cards and new GPUs for notebooks coming to market in Q1 2022. The company also launched a new arc website with some additional info (not to be confused with its “Ark” spec site), along with some videos of its newest Alchemist GPU playing a few games

The new Arc branding will persist across several generations of Intel’s discrete GPUs, with the first graphics cards, previously known as ‘DG2,’ now codenamed Alchemist. Intel’s first high-powered discrete gaming graphics cards will be based on Intel’s Xe-HPG (High Performance Graphics) architecture. Future generations of Intel’s discrete graphics cards will be named Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid.

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Intel Discrete GPU Arc Codename Release Date
Alchemist Q1 2022
Battlemage Unknown
Celestial Unknown
Druid Unknown

Intel will continue to fold all of its graphics solutions under the broader Xe Architecture umbrella, which signifies that these GPUs all share a similar underlying graphics microarchitecture. In addition, other variants, such as Xe-LP for lower-powered client GPUs, Xe-HPC for high performance computing (HPC), and Xe-HP for the server market will continue to serve their respective markets. 

intel arc

(Image credit: Intel)

Intel’s plans for the hardware side of the Alchemist GPUs remain to be seen. However, the press release does note that the cards “feature hardware-based ray tracing and artificial intelligence-driven super sampling,” with the latter implying there could be some sort of hardware-accelerated AI functionality baked into the gaming cards to improve performance.