Dick Van Dyke, icon of delight, celebrates his 95th birthday

95 years ago, comedy legend Dick Van Dyke was born. Today, Twitter celebrates!

The Hollywood icon, beloved for his roles in Mary Poppins, Bye Bye Birdie, Dick Tracy, The Comic, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Night at the Museum, and oh yeah, The Dick Van Dyke Show, began trending on Sunday — to the understandable terror of many. Thankfully, it wasn’t bad news; just a reminder that Van Dyke exists in all his delightful glory and that somewhere out there he’s probably eating some birthday cake.

Mark Hamill, who once described Van Dyke as “the nicest and most talented man in show-biz,” got in on the festivities with an appreciation post rightfully dubbing Van Dyke an international treasure.

Van Dyke, who was honored as a Disney Legend in 1998, also received congratulations from the official Disney D23 account — and an onslaught of Disney fans.

Van Dyke, of course, received well wishes from fans of all of his other work too.

Happy birthday to Dick Van Dyke! Also, Taylor Swift. (She turned 31 today!) 

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