Cat Spying on Neighbor Has Internet in Stitches

Do you have nosy neighbors? Well, surely you can relate to one woman’s experience, shared to TikTok, in which an occupier of the next-door flat was staring right at her.

However, this wasn’t the typical case of a person with a bone to pick about the weekly trash collection.

Instead, Malwina Olszewska found herself being spied on by a cat.

In the footage, posted to the video-sharing app on July 5 under the account name Betch, we can see that Olszewska is filming from a high-rise apartment block.

The camera pans across a car park, and our eyes are drawn to a man walking away.

But this is not the focus of the video, as when she zooms in a tabby cat pops into views.

The pet is leaning out from the next balcony along and its wide eyes are staring right at her.

The animal meows as it holds its gaze, and its sudden appearance is enough to make anyone jump.

Olszewska captioned the video: “Do you mind.”

The hilarious footage has so far received more than 109,100 views in the one day since it was posted.

Additionally, It has garnered 29,600 likes.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny clip

TikTok user, Lesleymac, wrote: “That’s the best!!!!! I LOL’s and woke up my dog!!!”

Another person, Barelyn_mari, added: “Lmao didn’t even notice the cat was just wondering about the guy.”

Vista commented: “I thought it was something about the guy walking imagine my shock seeing a cat staring wide-eyed.”

Mia Soto agreed, writing: “I was looking at the person walk, then you zoomed in and I saw a cat and got scared.”

An account by the name of User7860344739973 wrote from the perspective of the cat: “Excuse me what did we agree about the noises??!”

No Name typed: “I didn’t notice the cat but when I did I wheezed.”

Radio Boy stated: “Ahaha that cat wasn’t having it.”

And in other feline-related news, a video of a cat recently went viral on TikTok because it showed the pet impressively sliding under a shut door.

In the clip, shared by Stlrgrl8717, the cat, whose name is Holly, can be seen squeezing under a door.

The animal navigates the tight spot by going head first, then twisting her body as she shifts across the carpet.

Text overlaid on top of the clip reads: “Our cat, Holly, turns into a liquid cat and leaves the room underneath the door.”

A stock image of a cat spying through a hole. In a TikTok video a cat can be leaning out of a balcony to stare at its neighbor.
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