Apple Begins Disclosing What Data Its Devices’ Apps Are Gathering

Apple Inc.  (AAPL) – Get Report said on Monday that it has begun telling customers more about the types of personal information the apps on its iPhones are collecting, according to media reports.

The additional disclosures will also appear in apps designed for Mac computers, iPads, and the Apple TV, according to ABC.

The additional transparency and information handling are part of the Cupertino Calif-company’s efforts to help explain to customers how apps monitor their habits, tastes and whereabouts. The idea is to help users make more informed decisions about which apps they choose to install on their phones and other devices.

The changes were worked out with European regulators and align with Apple’s goal of positioning itself as a trustworthy guardian of its customers’ privacy.

The data collected by the apps is usually used to sell ads targeted at a user’s interests and location.

Apple also has plans to release a new anti-tracking feature that will require iPhone apps to obtain permission before tracking a person’s activities on the device.

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