7 home gadgets to make life easier

With many people preparing to return to the office and with back-to-school season underway, we’re encountering some of the problems we haven’t thought about in quite some time. We need to remember to water our plants now that we won’t be home as often, cut out time to make dinner after work and keep our homes clean and organized, too.

With so much to juggle, it might be time to turn to innovative solutions that deliver on the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” Luckily, food expert Alejandra Ramos stopped by Hoda & Jenna this morning to share some smart solutions for the everyday.

Whether you’re struggling to think of what you’ll bring into the office for lunch again or desperately want to cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen, Ramos has a gadget that can help. Read on for the seven items you didn’t even realize were must-haves — until now.

Best gadgets for home

E-Kay Self-Watering Plant Globes (Pack of 3)

Have a brown thumb? House plants might not always be the easiest thing to manage, but these self-watering globes can ensure that you won’t under- or overwater your greenery. Once the globes empty, it serves as a reminder to refill them so that they can get to work again.

Instant Air Purifier

The brand behind the famous Instant Pot also makes another home essential — an air purifier. Ramos says it is “practically silent,” which makes it perfect for placing in bedrooms or children’s rooms to help rid the air of dust, dander, pollen and odors.

Roysili Magnetic Spice Rack

This magnetic shelf isn’t only for refrigerators. It can also be placed on the side of washing machines, microwaves or even inside of lockers. It’s a convenient hack for anyone trying to make the most of smaller spaces, especially for items that are used frequently in the home.

Anyday Microwave Cooking Bowls

If cooking feels like more of a chore than anything else, you might want these bowls in your cabinet. Ramos says they are designed to cook entire meals in the microwave, and even dessert, thanks to the included recipe book. The bowls come in different sizes and sets that feature vented lids that cook the meals to perfection. They can also be used to store leftovers and are dishwasher safe for easy use.

Stonewall Kitchen Brown Sugar Saver

Frequent bakers know the struggle of keeping brown sugar fresh. This adorable terra cotta flower just needs to be soaked in water, dried and then plopped into a brown sugar container in order to keep it soft for up to three months at a time. You can resoak it and reuse it time after time to keep more batches fresh and prevent brown sugar from becoming petrified.

Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon

This hack helps save time and energy in the kitchen by preventing the need to dump entire pots of water out at a time. The unique design of this spoon allows you to scoop out what you need when you need it, so you can use the water in the pot for different parts of the meal without having to waste it.

HyperChiller Beverage Chiller

Don’t have time to make cold brew but still want to enjoy an iced coffee before you head out the door in the morning? All you’ll need to do is fill it with water and toss it in the freezer the night before, then pour the liquid of your choice inside — coffee, wine or anything in-between — swirl the HyperChiller around for a minute and pour it in your to-go cup with ice.

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