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Welcome Official New Third Geek – Technique Geek!


vikingsbook…and that’s him up there. Yes, folks, a new member has joined our party, due to some people needing to Magneto away from responsibilities for a while. His name is Leif, he is wonderful, and he’s like, the cutest lil viking ever. Also he’s shorter than me by about an inch and you needed to know that. Anyway, yes, this is a thing that is happening. Please welcome him and get to know him and be nice to him when he writes stuff because if you aren’t, I swear to Godstiel I will do my eyeliner like I’m the Winter Soldier and kick your butt.

Also, I really don’t know how to write intro posts. Please just accept this, okay? Okay.

Author: Freak Geek

I love candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and killing demons. Usually you can find me at rock concerts. 90% of redditors believe me to be male. I'm pretty sure I'm Loki.

10 thoughts on “Welcome Official New Third Geek – Technique Geek!

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see what TG has in store!

  2. Aww he’s a cutie :3 Can’t wait to see what he brings to the geekery that is this!
    Wait, is this now Two and a half Chic Geeks now?

    • Nah, we now have a girl geek (Critique), a guy geek (Technique) and a genderfluid Loki geek (me, hiiii). We felt it was a better balance.

  3. Hail, Technique Geek, well met :^)

    I’ve missed you awesome guys for ages … have I had a techie glitch?

    This is most fortuitous!

    • Unfortunately stuff happened, and while I cannot elaborate on what happened, take my word for it, it was stuff. But thank you for not forgetting us! :)

  4. Wait a minute…
    Okay? Okay.
    Was that supposed to be a Fault in our Stars reference?

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