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Giveaway – $50 Redbubble Gift Card



Last week we did a product review of a few of the different ways you can pick up amazing (and geeky) art over at Well, great news for all our favorite chic geek readers! The generous folks at Redbubble have given us a second gift card in order to spread the love (and the art).

That’s right–you can win $50 for Redbubble and put it towards an awesome geek t-shirt, phone case, or more stickers than you could possible know where to stick. If the thought of having fifty whole dollars to Redbubble and having to – gasp – choose just a few awesome geeky pieces of art is absolutely daunting to you, remember you get discounts for buying cards and stickers in bulk. Check out our product review for tons of awesome suggestions, or take a gander at Redbubble’s Valentine’s gift guides for him and her.

Read on for more details and enter below!


An awesome Loki Nouveau print like this one could be yours if you win!

Please read the giveaway rules before entering via Rafflecopter below.


We thank you, unknown citizen, for your interest in the 3 Chic Geeks giveaway. However, before you enter, you must know that there are some rules involved.

First off, you must be 18 years or older, and live in the United States. We are very sorry to our Canadian friends who may have a fondness for this blog; legalese is difficult and it’s easier to just limit the giveaway to residents of ‘Murrica. Not all of us can get a full-ride to Stanford while hunting demons throughout puberty, don’t look at us that way.

By entering this sweepstakes you confirm that you are 18 or over, reside in the US, have read the rules, and are willing to take part in the Hunger Games.

You must enter the sweepstakes with a valid and working email address that you check reasonably often. We will contact you via email and announce winner’s name on the blog at the same time; the winner must get in touch with us within 48 hours of the announcements. If the winner does not respond within the 48 hour timeframe, we will pick a new winner.

Liking, commenting, reblogging and/or retweeting the giveaway is not mandatory; it will, however, earn you bonus entries in some cases and good karma.

Winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter drawing randomly and stealthily by night. The sweepstakes ends at 11:59pm PST, February 13th, 2014; the winners will be announced on February 13th.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. 3 Chic Geeks reserve the right to void any entry for any reason. Your info won’t be used for commercial purposes, you won’t be notified if you do not win, eat your kale and don’t say bad things about Misha Collins.

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34 thoughts on “Giveaway – $50 Redbubble Gift Card

  1. I freakin love Redbubble. I got a bunch of stuff from there for fandom presents for my friends for christmas. And yet there is still a ton more they would love! I plan on getting them all fandom birthday presents too from RedBubble 😛 haha.

  2. This is awesome of you gals! One can never have enough fandom swag. (Oh god I just said swag, I’ll pray to Cas to forgive me)

  3. Thanks for sharing the giveaway, geeks. But my comment has to be about what I’d buy?! But…but….so many things to pick from! [Definitely fandom related, probably more inclined towards the print-end of things since I have a giant boring wall above my desk that is destined to be my fangirl-art-gallery and I can only justify spending so much of my free time painting TARDIS’s or 221Bs wallpaper after all.]

  4. Wow! Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m leaning towards a tshirt, or maybe some prints…

  5. Exciting giveaway! Let’s see…I’d probably get a poster or two because new apartment in the fall! And maybe a gift for a friend, a shirt or something. But I don’t know what of! Too many choices!

  6. Exciting Giveaway! I love Redbubble because they have the Karen Hallion Disney Who items, which is most likely what I would cover my walls in if the landlord would let me.

  7. This is so exciting…but too many choices. It would probably take days to decide what I would buy. Hmmmm…I’m thinking a poster, though.

  8. this is really cool. i need a doctor who t-shirt.

  9. Thank you for the giveaway. I’m moving into a new apartment soon and we are designing a “British or Tea-Time” themed kitchen. So I would buy the Cornetto Trilogy wall clock I saw the other day.

  10. I would get lots of geeky stickers to finally decorate my laptop!

  11. As an old geek, all this new technology is making my head spin! So many more ways to procrastinate…It’s much easier to hide a webpage than a book when I’m at work, lol.

  12. This is amazing! Thank you girls for being so awesomesauce!

  13. I’ve been dying to get some stickers for my laptop! And, as usual, I refuse to spend my money on fun things because I feel guilty afterwards. This is perfect, and would add some much needed nerdyness to my tech life! <3 You're also my favorite blog, btw. I get so excited whenever you post!

  14. I absolutely love all the awesome nerd swag on Redbubble. I really want some new stickers for my laptop and some Cabin Pressure stuff!

  15. I would buy anything and everything Wholock related.

  16. I absolutely love you guys. Thanks for repeatedly giving free stuff away!

  17. Love your gIveaways! Love art! Love geeky stuff! This prize is perfect! :)

  18. sooo manyy t-shirtsss!

  19. Oooh, this is an awesome prize!

  20. One of the 20 odd t-shirts or hoodies that have been in my wish list since forever

  21. I looooovveee RedBubble! It is such a great way to support independent artists and to become an independent artist. I’d much rather buy fandom merch from here and know that someone’s hard work and fandom-y love went into it, rather than some heavily franchised, copyrighted, trademarked, and generic trinket. I’d buy a Doctor Who 50th anniversary poster and a bunch of stickers and some postcards, so I can get as much cool art as possible!!!

  22. love the prize! i would buy a decal for my laptop and a tshirt with something sherlock related :)

  23. What wouldn’t I buy from Redbubble? I just bought a ton of stickers…Now I need to buy some art. Or a hoodie. Or maybe just everything from Shocking Blankets.

  24. I love Redbubble! I have some Redbubble shirts and they’re awesome! I love being able to support artists, and the fact that it gives them the chance to show off their skills! I actually met the girl that designed one my shirts at a convention last year! She was so surprised to see someone in one of her shirts! It was the coolest thing! I definitely want to get some arts and prints, and stickers. School would be ten times more fun with fandom stickers, but then again there is this Pokemon Harry Potter crossover shirt….

  25. I think I’d use the gift certificate to get a shirt or two (or three?). My Redbubble wishlist grows all the time.

    Great blog, BTW. I’ve been lurking for a while, but there’s nothing like a giveaway to bring us out of the woodwork. 😉

  26. YAY! So excited! There are so many things I’ve seen on RedBubble that I’d love to get!

  27. A shirt for my daughter that she’s been looking to buy but couldn’t bring herself to pay that much for it.

  28. Awesome giveaway guys! I’ve probably spent a good number hours geeking out about and admiring the amazing stuff on Redbubble :)

  29. Redbubble is amazing! Great giveaway

  30. I would see how many stickers I could buy and use them to decorate my boring school stuff

  31. I’d love a print! There’s a matted print on redbubble, “Paris Metro,” that I really want. I’m way into the notion of France right now

  32. I would definitely buy myself a Cabin Pressure tee. I always wanted one!

  33. I love you guys. And I’m really glad you’re doing a giveaway. I’d totally use this gift card to satisfy my urge to shop and buy really cool things. I’m going to KatsuCon this weekend and I’m going to be soooo broke afterwards. #TheSadnessOfAGeek

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