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Best of 2013 #Fandompalooza – THE VOTING, PART 3


Photo0287Round 2 of the Fandompalooza has ended and the Supernatural fandom absolutely dominated… again. As if anything else could have possibly happened. However, now it’s time for round three. You nominated your favorite people, things, and fandoms for a variety of fantastical awards the likes of which have never been seen before on this earth. We expect the voting to get real heated this time around.

There may or may not be spoilers ahead for some fandoms, which is basically to be expected.

Best Variation of Benedict's Name

Why would you do that

Book Threw Against Wall

Best Canon Ship


Best Bromance

Best Hero

Best Villain


You may vote once per poll. As always, cheaters never prosper. Attempts to cheat the polls will result in the extra votes being removed. Excessive cheating on behalf of one candidate will result in that candidate being disqualified.

Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @ThreeChicGeeks!

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9 thoughts on “Best of 2013 #Fandompalooza – THE VOTING, PART 3

  1. I love how Loki is both the best Hero and Villain :)

  2. There were some of these where I thought, “You’re making me pick between *them*? That’s just unkind….”

  3. I nearly cried when you made me choose between Johnlock and Destiel. You nearly made me CRY. Are you happy now?

  4. Can I just clarify – the Legolas/Tauriel/Kili triangle – what is Lego even doing there? They. Don’t. Want. Him. And Gimli is waiting …

  5. (Also, none of the options above could compete with Cumberbatch’s own variation on his name, which is very hard to get out of your head once you’ve heard it.)

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