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Best of 2013 #Fandompalooza – THE VOTING, PART 2


Fandompalooza pt 2

Round one of the Fandompalooza has ended and the Supernatural fandom absolutely dominated. However, now it’s time for round two. You nominated your favorite people, things, and fandoms for a variety of fantastical awards the likes of which have never been seen before on this earth. With many of the most-anticipated polls being included in this round, we fully expect it to be nothing short of a bloodbath.

Warning: Some of these poll answers contain SPOILERS. Proceed with caution if you have not yet seen Thor: The Dark World, Walking Dead Season 4, Time of the Doctor, or Supernatural Season 9. 

Let round two BEGIN!


take over the world

Best Hair

Congrats on Your Face


Fandom Liaison

Dramatic Reveal

Most Tragic Death

Most Characters Killed

The polls are now officially CLOSED!

You may vote once per poll. As always, cheaters never prosper. Attempts to cheat the polls will result in the extra votes being removed. Excessive cheating on behalf of one candidate will result in that candidate being disqualified.

Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @ThreeChicGeeks!

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6 thoughts on “Best of 2013 #Fandompalooza – THE VOTING, PART 2

  1. I love these polls! Thanks for doing such a great job putting them together!

  2. superb polls i love it.Every part of this polls are awesome.

  3. But… Moffat doesn’t kill that many people. I mean, OK, he kills a fair few, but he brings a surprisingly large number back as well. And with less justification than the other competitors in that category.

  4. “Congrats on your face”
    Yeah – I’m gonna have to abstain on that one, I definitely cannot choose…

  5. If George R.R. Martin doesn’t win, you may encourage him to kill again. Think carefully before you vote!

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