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Holiday Countdown: Margaery/Sansa

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Many of us began the Game of Thrones series hating Sansa’s character; even if you had already read the books, it was difficult to sympathize with someone so attached to Joffrey ‘Devil Incarnate’ Lannister. However, something magical happened during the series. Not only did Sansa become a more sympathetic character due to some great acting, the role of one Margaery Tyrell got expanded. We get to watch their friendship play out in full on screen; we get to see the way Sansa looks at Margaery with love and admiration.

And then there was that scene. You know the scene. The one in 3×07, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”. 



In that moment one could hear the great WHOOSH of a thousand ships setting sail. Meanwhile, those of us who already shipped it sat there with a smug smile as our brethren finally sailed to join us. People ship Margaery and Sansa so hard that there was an entire Tumblr event dedicated to them: Queer Queen Week.

Sansa is one of the most naive characters in the series. Margaery, on the other hand, is quite savvy. We can’t help but hop that maybe, just maybe, Sansa will get her happy ending this time. Only we aren’t foolish enough to REALLY hope for it because we all know that G.R.R. Martin is a cruel master who enjoys disposing of our favorite characters in the most brutal way possible.

Still. Maybe.

And they lived happily ever after? Please. (Source)

And they lived happily ever after? Please. (Source)


AO3: With a measly 115 fics on AO3, Margaery x Sansa doesn’t seem as wildly popular as we make it out to be. However, it’s still on AO3’s list of top ten pairings for the TV fandom. Plus, did we mention they had an entire week devoted to them on Tumblr? The fics are even more scares on, with only seven under the TV fandom and sixteen under the book series. These stats are… unimpressive. Let this act as encouragement for all our fellow Margaery/Sansa shippers to continue writing and, more importantly, sharing their ship!

“We would be sisters, you and I. Would you like that?” Can. Not. Deal. (Source)

Fic Recs:

The Women Kings by Netgirl_y2k – Told from Margaery’s point of view. Several points in time focusing on the women of Westeros, Sansa as Queen in the North, and Margaery as the disgraced former queen. Not explicit, well-written. Teen and up. Read it here.

A Summer Song by mautadite – Sansa and Margaery get muddy while out riding, and Margaery insists on cleaning up in the lake. Sansa finds herself entranced by her friend. Rated M, fairly light on the smut. Read it here. 

The (Love) Letter of the Law by youremyqueen – Okay, so I totally have a soft spot for this fic. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s 1920’s AU or because the ending is so cute and somehow so heartbreaking at the same time. It gives me feels. Rated G. Read it here.

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