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Holiday Countdown: Swan Queen

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*Spoiler alert* Read at your own risk!

Swan Queen is one of the most volatile and sexy ships to ever have not actually sailed. There is something so primal about the intense hatred Regina and Emma initially feel for one another that it simply screams unresolved feelings.

Swan Queen becoming canon would be the best thing ever. Just think of poor Henry and how messed up his family tree is; having his two moms together would simplify things a little bit and provide a somewhat stable home.

Seriously, who can even deal with this mess. And this is pre-Pan. (Source)

We love Swan Queen because the enemies-turned-lovers trope is too good to pass up. Emma and Regina’s constant power struggle and eventual uneasy alliance makes for delicious character development. We can’t help but hope that the writers will finally take it those last few steps.

Now…. KISS. (Source)


AO3 – Not only is Swan Queen the most popular ship for both Regina and Emma on AO3, it is the second most popular ship in the fandom, second only to RumBelle. With 1282 out of the total of 6807 works for Once Upon a Time being dedicated to Swan Queen, it’s safe to say that this is a fairly popular ship. In fact, the next most popular ship, Captain Swan (or as I like to call it, Eyeliner & Angst), only has a little over 500 fics. You go, Swan Queen! – Out of approximately 17k fics, 4.4k list Regina and Emma as the main characters. 3k of these fics are romances, and 1.1k of those romances are rated M. Actually, this Tumblr post pretty much sums it all up.

We just want them to be a happy family *flails* (Source)

Fic Recs:

A Whisper of a Kiss by awistfullove – A short fluffy piece set after the return from Neverland. Emma and Henry fall asleep on Regina’s couch, and Regina finds that she doesn’t mind at all. Rated G. Will give you warm fuzzies. Read it here.

Fragments of a Life Less Lived by heartsways – 36 chapters Regina character study that becomes an epic tale of the difficulties of falling in love. Plus, 36 chapters, y’all — for when you should be doing something important but are totally reading fan fiction instead. Rated M. Read it here. 

Black Lace by standbackufools – Multi-chapter Swan Queen smut. Enough said. Rated M for obvious reasons. Read it here.

I have also been informed that anything by Sapphire Smoke is well worth the read.

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