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It is 10am PST on the morning of August 2nd, 2014. This can only mean one thing, friends… There’s only ONE FREAKIN HOUR UNTIL THE GISHWHES 2014 LIST IS RELEASED. My body is not ready. Continue Reading →


Maybe Destiel Shouldn’t Be Canon (although I’d really like it)

maybe dean and cas shouldn't be canon

Lately, Destiel has become a hot topic, and by lately, I mean, it’s been that way for like, forever. I’m Team Destiel, all the way, and pretty much all of you know it. I put Destiel on MTV. (Twice. You’re all welcome for that, by the way.) A lot of us have been speculating what could or would happen to push Destiel into canon-ness; many expected it to become canon during Supernatural’s Season 9 (alternately known as Season Nein or Season Divine). Spoilers, it didn’t happen. Destiel is not yet canon. Of course, around 9.03 we had confirmation from one of the execs that Destiel is not intended to ever be canon and WHERE ARE YOU KIDS EVEN GETTING THESE SILLY SORTS OF GAY IDEAS ABOUT GAY LOVE PIERCING THROUGH THE VEIL OF DEATH HAHAHA DON’T BE RIDICULOUS WHY WOULD THAT EVER BE ON THE SHOW YOU’RE JUST IMAGINING THINGS  and quite a few people got understandably upset, myself included. Well, I got to thinking lately, do I actually want Destiel to be canon? And I realized… maybe, maybe actually, I don’t. And here’s why:

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Welcome Official New Third Geek – Technique Geek!

vikingsbook…and that’s him up there. Yes, folks, a new member has joined our party, due to some people needing to Magneto away from responsibilities for a while. His name is Leif, he is wonderful, and he’s like, the cutest lil viking ever. Also he’s shorter than me by about an inch and you needed to know that. Anyway, yes, this is a thing that is happening. Please welcome him and get to know him and be nice to him when he writes stuff because if you aren’t, I swear to Godstiel I will do my eyeliner like I’m the Winter Soldier and kick your butt.

Also, I really don’t know how to write intro posts. Please just accept this, okay? Okay.


10 Things People Have Said Since “Breaker of Chains” (That Make My Soul Die a Little)


WARNING: This post contains potential triggers (and spoilers). Please read at your own caution.

In spite of being a pretty big fan of G.R.R. Martin’s work, I am three episodes behind on Game of Thrones. Why, you ask? Because I still haven’t forgiven the show runners for the choices they made in episode 4×03, “Breaker of Chains”. Yes, I am referring to that scene between Jaime and Cersei.

I understand that most people have moved on. Most of the conversation has ended, the ranting and protesting has died off. However, that doesn’t mean that the conversation should be dropped; in fact, if what I’m told is true and the show has carried on as if the scene didn’t even happen, then I daresay we should be having even more conversation now.

The bottom line is that the scene was problematic and the way in which it was addressed was less than satisfactory. In order to highlight all the issues surrounding the scene in which Jaime sexually assaults Cersei, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 things people have said to me about “Breaker of Chains” that make my soul die a little.  Continue Reading →

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Happy Mother’s Day! Free SPN Themed Printable

download mother's day printable supernatural cw spnOh look, it’s Mother’s Day. It’s been crazy here at the 3 Chic Geeks offices, for a variety of reasons. Also, April is the most evil month to ever exist and for all future Aprils I intend to lock myself in a bomb shelter with no access to the outside world to minimize April-related risks. Have you had a good April? Does anyone ever have a good April? It is a cursed month, I tell you! CURSED. Ahem… anyway, since it’s Mother’s Day in approximately, oh, five seconds, here’s a lovely Mother’s Day printable card for you. It’s free to download, so please enjoy!

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Giveaway: Espionage Cosmetics “Nailed It” Nail Wraps

nail wraps

As I’ve mentioned in my past convention recaps, no con is quite complete for me without a visit to the Espionage Cosmetics booth. I first discovered their geeky goodness through the wonderful world of the Internet, which informed me that Firefly themed makeup was, in fact, a thing that I could own. Being both an avid Whedonite and lover of all things makeup, it was like I’d found a little piece of nerdvana here on earth.  Continue Reading →


Event: WonderCon 2014


This past weekend I attended WonderCon in Anaheim, California. As the kid sibling of San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon has all of the great vendors you can expect from larger cons without the steep price of SDCC. Unfortunately, being located right across from Disneyland means that the parking is just as unbearable as a large convention for those of us who opted to drive. Nevertheless, I still had a great time. Here’s a breakdown of my con experience: Continue Reading →


Loki vs. Wonder Woman


You voted, and now the time has come for the most epic of all showdowns. It came as no surprise when Loki won the Marvel Conference in our March Madness tournament. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman overcame the early favorite, Batman, in order to earn the title of favorite DC Universe character. Will Loki bring home the win for Marvel, or will Wonder Woman lasso the title for DC? Only you can decide!

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March Madness 2014: Semi-Finals


The competition has been fierce these past few weeks, but our round 3 winners made their mark from the beginning. Loki was up to his usual tricks – Thor never saw it coming. No doubt Captain America was distracted by Iron Man’s endless charm, as the first Avenger was easily overcome. Though Harley Quinn had the initial lead, the hero triumphed over the villain and Batman won the round. And Catwoman lost the girl power fight to Wonder Woman, leaving us with our final four!
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March Madness 2014: Round 3

round 3

Now is the time, folks. The real battle is about to begin. Think the first two rounds were difficult? You haven’t seen anything yet. In round three, brother will face brother. Ships will be sunk. Two of the most beloved women in the DC ‘verse will face off. If you get stuck on who to vote for, be sure to check out our master post here.

Are you prepared?

Round 3 starts NOW! Continue Reading →