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Loki vs. Wonder Woman


You voted, and now the time has come for the most epic of all showdowns. It came as no surprise when Loki won the Marvel Conference in our March Madness tournament. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman overcame the early favorite, Batman, in order to earn the title of favorite DC Universe character. Will Loki bring home the win for Marvel, or will Wonder Woman lasso the title for DC? Only you can decide!

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March Madness 2014: Semi-Finals


The competition has been fierce these past few weeks, but our round 3 winners made their mark from the beginning. Loki was up to his usual tricks – Thor never saw it coming. No doubt Captain America was distracted by Iron Man’s endless charm, as the first Avenger was easily overcome. Though Harley Quinn had the initial lead, the hero triumphed over the villain and Batman won the round. And Catwoman lost the girl power fight to Wonder Woman, leaving us with our final four!
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March Madness 2014: Round 3

round 3

Now is the time, folks. The real battle is about to begin. Think the first two rounds were difficult? You haven’t seen anything yet. In round three, brother will face brother. Ships will be sunk. Two of the most beloved women in the DC ‘verse will face off. If you get stuck on who to vote for, be sure to check out our master post here.

Are you prepared?

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March Madness 2014: Round 2

Round 2

Round 1, Part 2 is officially over!  Though there were no big surprises this time around, things are just starting to heat up. While our round one polls were hard enough, Round 2 is sure to destroy your feelings. Black Widow vs. Iron Man? Harley Quinn vs. Joker?! We highly recommend you arm yourselves with a box of tissues before casting your votes in this Sweet 16 showdown between your favorite Marvel and DC characters.

Don’t know who to vote for? Read descriptions for each contender in our master post then check out our Sweet 16 below.  Continue Reading →

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March Madness 2014: Round 1, Part 2

round 1 part 2

Round 1, Part 1 is officially over!

As expected, Loki and Batman absolutely dominated their respective polls. Kitty Pryde wasn’t much competition for Hawkeye, and Thor crushed Scarlet Witch in our ‘League of Exasperated Siblings’ poll. Harley Quinn and Joker sailed easily to their victories (plot twist: now they’ll have to face off against each other in round 2). Meanwhile, Spideypool was forever destroyed when Deadpool came out on top. The most interesting result, however, was the TIE between Nightwing and Raven. However, after a 24 hour death match, Raven emerged victorious. You go, girl.

Will Wolverine get HULK smashed? Will Wonder Woman lasso the Flash? Did Iron Man wear his anti-magnetism suit in order to defeat Magneto? Which eco-friendly ginger is your favorite? Your votes will decide the answer to these questions and more! Continue Reading →


March Madness 2014: Nightwing vs. Raven Death Match

death match

What do you know, folks! It’s only part one of our March Madness: Marvel vs. DC face-off, and we already have a tie! You know what that means… Time for a 24 hour DEATH MATCH. Rally your friends – this is going to be a close one. Continue Reading →


Guest Post: 10 Reasons to Watch The Musketeers


Hint: four of them are pictured

By Kristina Manente

The BBC have a way of capturing hearts unlike any other channel. They’ll give you a heartache with Doctor Who and then throw your heart off a building with Sherlock, only to lull you into a false sense of silly security with Atlantis and, back in the day, Merlin. But with ALL of these shows off air (or gone for good), our hearts had to have something to latch onto… that show, my delightfully geeky friends, is The Musketeers. Continue Reading →

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March Madness 2014: Round 1, Part 1

round 1 part 1

Now that you’ve read about our contenders in the master post, it’s time for the madness to begin! Each poll will be open for just 72 hours. Tell your friends, tweet your loyalties, and cheer on your champions. We haven’t spared your feelings at all with the round one match-ups, so please have a box of tissues on hand.

Round one, part two will commence after these polls close.

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March Madness 2014: Marvel vs. DC

Master Post

March is here, we’ve just lost an hour of sleep, and basketball junkies everywhere are printing out their brackets and waiting for the NCAA craziness to begin. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to tear your little fan hearts apart again. Last year we pitted your favorite canon pairings against your favorite not-so-canon pairings in the ultimate Shipping Wars. This year, we are going to be equally diabolical. We present to you…. March Madness: Marvel vs. DC.

First, your favorite Marvel and DC characters will face off against their own. Once we’ve crowned the top Marvel and top DC hero (or villain), they will then battle it out for the March Madness crown.

As per tradition, the characters we ranked into seeds. Seed one faces off against seed sixteen, seed two and seed fifteen, and then we lumped the rest in to maximize the destruction of your feelings  totally went about creating the matches in a very scientific way. Before you grab your brackets and place your bets with your friends, we’ve written blurbs about each character so that you can make the most informed decision possible. Or flip a coin – your choice. Continue Reading →


Guest Post: Why I Love Buffy the Vampire Slayer


By C.J. Howell

Caution: This post contains many spoilers. Read at your own risk. I also cannot guarantee that if you read this post you won’t spend the next week not eating, sleeping, or doing anything you should be doing because you will be too busy watching this show. Continue Reading →